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    Liquid Multivitamin

    A healthy diet should provide all the nutrients needed by a person but many people do not eat healthy. That is why Multivitamin Liquid is important to fill the nutritional gaps. Multivitamin liquid contains folic acid which avoids neural tube defects in new born.

    Multivitamin is a dietary supplement with dietary minerals, vitamins and other nutritional substance. Multivitamin is available in form of powders, capsule, tablet and injectibles. Multivitamin supplements are produced in combination with mineral supplements.

    A multivitamin is a supplement vitamin and minerals that does not include drugs or herbs, the vitamin and mineral is included at a dose below the tolerable upper level according to US FDA.  Multivitamin supplements are made of natural dried fruits and vegetable concentrate.


    Liquid Multivitamin is important for individuals who are pure vegetarian as they are deprived of Vitamin B12 and other essential nutrients found in Non Vegetarian.If a women consume multivitamin liquid before pregnancy then it may lower risk of breast cancer, colon cancer and heart disease as it contains folic acid.

    Benefits of Liquid Multivitamin

    • Liquid Multivitamin can help in reducing stress. Our daily routine is so busy and full of stress. Regular intake of Liquid Multivitamin can combat stress
    • It prevents deficiency of important vitamin like Vitamin A which keep our immune system healthy
    • Multivitamin are the great source of energy
    • Multivitamin prevents cancer and Heart disease by providing essential nutrients to the body
    • Multivitamin help pregnant mother and her child by providing essential minerals and vitamins


    Medilente Pharmaceuticals is the leading Pharmaceutical company having its own infrastructure and equipment for manufacturing of liquid multivitamin. In our state of art facility, the production process of liquid multivitamin is being carried out.

    Medilente Pharmaceuticals have a dedicated liquid section for manufacturing and packing process of liquid multivitamin. We also manufacture liquid calcium and other liquids.

    The best Multivitamin Liquid is being manufactured by Medilente Pharmaceuticals.

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