• Pharma Marketing

    Pharma Marketing

    Pharma Marketing  refers to the activity which helps in sales of goods and services. Pharma Marketing communicates about the use and advantages of goods and services. It is a continuous activity which leads to sales of products and services.

    Pharma Marketing is not a one time activity. A firm success depends upon marketing activities. Marketing can be in form of advertisements through newspapers,  T.V channels, Print media, Electronic media like websites. Best form of marketing is word of mouth.

    Pharma Marketing

    Pharma Marketing plays an important role in pharma industry. These days pharma companies are spending aggressively on marketing to increase their sales  and market share. Rather than spending on research , lot of money is being spend on  advertisements.

    There are certain rules in marketing which companies have to follow. They can only market non prescribed medicines like analgesic medicines for reducing pain.  Laws related to Pharma Marketing states that  companies cannot give special benefits to medical professionals to promote their products.

    Doctors are they key component for sales. They are the one who prescribes  the  medicines and thus leads to sales. Marketing of pharma products is regulated by Food and Drug administration of that country.

    We at Biomorph Lifesciences Private Limited is looking to give Pharma Franchise district wise in all states. It is a strategy of our company  to increase effort in pharma marketing.

    We also do third party manufacturing in pharma in form of tablets, capsules, injections, syrups and dry syrups. We can also manufacture small batches for you.

    Biomorph Lifesciences is looking to give Pharma Franchise on PCD (Propaganda cum distribution) basis in all states of India. We are also giving Monopoly rights to the Master Franchise.

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